Friday, June 1, 1990

Weather Related Sites

Weather is something near and dear to the heart of every OTR Trucker. Why? Because they live in it. Unlike locals they don't get to home every night to a nice warm fire and a cup of hot chocolate. Boo Hoo.

Weather Channel is the old standby. I like 3 Day forecast since most of my loads take 3 days or less to run.

Interstate Driving Forecast is a quick look at what the condition of the interestate highways are at the present time. It also has a clickable tab for the next day.

Weather Channel 24 Hour Snow Forecast is something I watch. I don't like snow. Why? Because I'm a whooseyfied southern boy and we don't like snow. You can get snow reports for the Northeast region, the East Central region, the Southeast region, the North Central region, the Mid-Central region, the South Central region, the Northwest region, the West Central region, and the Southwest region.