Monday, January 1, 1990

Trucking Blogs
These are blogs which I have found that have trucking as a central or peripheral theme. I have tried to describe some of the ones I feel are the more interesting of the ones listed. The Link to the blog is in Red as is the name of the blog.

American Pro Driver is simply a great blog. Humorous and perspicacious at the same time. Great visuals - the "Ride of the Day" is worth a stop in-and-of-itself. I like how the "Word of the Day" helps me to become a smarter human being. Great pictures for those who can't read.
Lease Purchase Journal (400+ Entries) - The best thing about this blog is that he details some financial information about how "he attempts the near-impossible feat of completing a lease-purchase deal in the trucking industry" along with great commentary on the life of a trucker, some good videos and some good photos.
Rambling Rube's Trucking Tales (1000+ Entries) - A very, very compelling blog.
Heads Carolina/Tails California (600+ Entries) - A couple who did the work-a-day world for 30 years get out and wander around, though not always together. Sometimes, she stays home and he wanders. Insightful and humerous.
On The Road With The American Trucker (100 Entries) - A photo essay on trucks and trucking in the American west.
Tales From the Road (800+ Entries) - The Fenian Godfather does a very interesting blog. He writes about trucking like a trucker. Maybe it's because he is one. Good stories, good pics, good video. It's too bad he's a Notre Dame fan. We Sooner fans have never forgiven them for 1957.
The Daily Rant
(1000+ Entries) - It really is a daily rant and it goes back to 2005. She drives, she travels, she writes. Does she do it all at the same time? I'm not sure. You'll hve to ask her co-pilot, Eddie.
Road Rage (500+ Entries) - As she tells it... "Welcome to my world. I am a 37 year old Truck Driving Fool. Checking in at barely 5' foot tall, it is quite the spectacle to behold. I run a regular route through NYC each week, so if you see me, I am just liable to blow my horn and flip you the bird. But hey, when in Rome.... "
Gi-Gi-Roxx (200- Entries) - A young lady who probably got more than she bargained for as a driver. As she puts it, "...I got way more than I'd imagined. I mean, weenie sightings just weren't anywhere in my imaginings..." and her writing are worth reading. Female bloggers, as a general rule, are better bloggers than males. Most males write a couple of lines and they're done. Females open up.
America through the Windshield
(300+ entries) - Good team blogging from the wife's point of view.
Dougster's Travels (800+ Entries) - Doug says "...since November 2005, I've been travelling across America in a 2005 Chevy 6500 Truck with a 20 foot box and a sleeper cab..." which gives a different side of trucking - the expedited side. But, Dougster isn't much on telling a story. He is, however a crazy man with a camera. He has lots of pics about his travels.
My Sometimes Daily Blog (400+ Entries) - Sam's been a a driver for Arnold Transportation since 2007 and lives in the Dallas area. The man rolls a lot of miles.
gabsatrucker (400 Entries) - She drives a truck and she runs. I drive a truck and I can barley walk. I need to read her blog more often...
Life on the Road (many entries) - Written by lot of people about lots of things. Not all of them are about trucking but most of them are. You get the perspective of different authors and if you'd like to contribute, you can.
Life 8 Feet Up (375+ Entries) - Dale has a great looking bike. I figure if I ever meet him, maybe I an pretend I'm a really cool guy na dmaybe he'll let me ride his bike. But, I doubt it. Dale has an attitude. He also likes to take pictures. America needs more guys like Dale...
My Story of Trucking in North America (300 Entries) - Trucking, Canadian style. Good pics, intersting stories, but somewhat tragic in the end.
Trucking Funks (200 Entries) - A story that starts in truck driving school and goes on till the present.
Maverick in the Rear View - The yearlong journal posted here includes some really, really interesting statistical data for hours and money.
Forty-Ton Tourists (200+ Entries) - A good blog to read even though the couple that wrote it are no longer on the road. It seems they misjudged how much they liked being at home, a common problem amoung people who want to drive trucks.
Truck Driver Blog (200+ Entries) - Aaron is a real truck driver and his site is... well,... interesting.
The Caldwells in Canada (200+ Entries) - An Englishman whose driven a truck all over western Europe moves to Canada and continues driving.
VBob OTR Journal (100+ Entries) - another good blog about trucking.
Trucker Desiree - She likes to write.
Nikos Truck Driver - I think this should be checked out with an open mind. And a translator.
Slice of Trucker Life - This is a commercial blog by three drivers whose new Freightliner truck was subsidized by Freightliner and they blog for the company. Sorta...
Lonely Roads (75+ Entries) - A Texas truck driver talks trucking.
Our Trucking Life (65+ Entries) - He states "Life on the road, life at home and all the interesting things that happen inbetween" and that probably sums it up.
Living OTR (100+ Entries) - Trapper and Lynette roll across America in a big, red truck and find it's not just a vocation, it's a lifestyle.
Fandango Travelers (100+ Entries) - I like it. It's good art and as they say "Follow Tony, Jana, and Leo as we zoom around the country taking "very important stuff" from one place to another!"
Bubba's Blog - Discussion of hauling around a NASCAR race car.
Jeremiah Shackelford (100+ Entries) - Jeremiah is a real truck driver and his site is... well,... interesting.
Bobtail Bill (100+ entries) - He's a Schnieder driver and a trainer. Trainers are a different breed.
Steve and Kim's Adventures (100+ Entries) - They are no longer truckers, but hwen they were they had a story to tell.
D Daze(100+ Entries) - Good pictures, good composition.
The Reluctant Trucker (350+ entries) - It's been a while since he posted, but there are lots of good posts there to help someone to understand the life of a trucker.
Mickey's Heavy Haul Heavy haul is a whole other world. I thought about going that way but decided agains it for several reasons.
Trucker Trash (95 Entries) - "I'm an over-the-road Truck driver, who lives on the West Coast and do most of my driving East of the Mississippi River " or so he says...
18 Wheel Beauties (50+ Entries) - This young lady loves trucks and I'm so glad. Someone just needs to tell her that Stevens Transport may have good looking trucks and great pictures on the internet, but they're not what I would call a good place to work, even if I do make that judgement purely in my not-so-humble opinion. They may have great trucks and great training, but I never made much money when I was there and they rarely got me home withing two weeks of when I wanted to get there. When I was there, I got some miles under my belt and got out!
Auburn Trucker (50+ Entries) - Flatbed driver, male, from Maryland. Drives a Pete.

Older Blogs / Shorter Blogs / Strange Blogs - Maybe they're worth a look for ideas, commentaries, some good stories or perhaps even some scruffy stuff. These are blogs that have been abandoned or put on hold or neglected or some other issue that tends to make them have posting dates in the past. Copy the link and paste it in your browser if you're really interested.

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